Our Story

How it all began…

Our company was founded by a team of individuals with a common goal … help save our planet by reducing food waste. After a trip to the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway, our founders Amy Keller, Kevin Wall and Susan Smalley, created our holding company PurePlus+. 

The plan was simple, provide a world of malnourished yet overfed individuals with key nutrients provided by the very fruits and vegetables being wasted every day. To do this we will utilize modern technology through upcycling produce and creating nutrient dense replacements through produce for our products. 

So what are FAVES? 

The first product engineered by PurePlus+ is a healthy candy using the most climate impactful, nutrient dense fruits and vegetables. We are turning the imperfect produce into wafers! These wafers provide real nutrients from produce while adding no processed sugars. 

Each contains micronutrient fibers from various fruits and vegetables, but all you can taste is a sweet fruity treat! This is stealth nutrition at its finest. How else do you get a pumpkin to taste like a strawberry? 

FAVES are good for you, your taste buds, and most importantly the planet! 

We live in a world of people who consume too many calories, but they are still not getting the necessary micronutrients they need. The technology used to create our candy maintains the nutrient properties of the produce inside. For example, we do not heat the ingredients past a certain temperature, because this ensures that the vitamins and minerals are not destroyed when making our wafers. 

Health, flavor, and fun all while combating food waste!