FAVES Value Chain

A value chain is a set of activities that a firm operating in a specific industry performs in order to deliver a valuable product for the market. Source: Value Chain Definition from Wikipedia

When we break down a company's value chain, we are able to examine the different components that come together, in order for a company's product to come to life. Breaking this process down, a company is able to look at their entire ecosystem and determine if there is a way that those individual components can be modified or changed to better themselves and their consumers. With the current climate crisis underway, we need to examine these systems and change them in ways that will benefit our Earth. At FAVES, we prioritize our value chain, to ensure that our products are both good for you, and for our Planet. So how exactly do we accomplish this?  

1: We source our fruits and vegetables from Local Farms

We do this to support our local communities and keep smaller, local farms in business. Likewise, we chose local to reduce our carbon emissions. It is estimated that roughly 22% of  global CO2 emissions come from transporting goods from one country to another. These factors make sourcing from local farms the obvious choice.

2: We upcycle Imperfect Produce

Food waste is another leading contributor to global warming. Many fruits and vegetables never make it off the farm and into grocery stores due to imperfections. By not meeting the cosmetic standards established by the industry, they are thrown away. Thus, costing farmers the time, energy, and materials necessary to grow the produce while also increasing carbon emissions as the produce decomposes in landfills. By choosing to utilize these imperfect fruits and vegetables we are supporting farmers who would have not made a profit off of their crop, while preventing perfectly good produce from ever reaching a landfill.

3: We dry our produce to keep the nutrients intact

There are different methods a company can utilize to preserve fruits and vegetables so they won't spoil on your shelf. We chose to use a drying technology for two main reasons. First, it keeps all of the nutrient molecules intact so that you get all the health benefits that the fruits and vegetables have to offer. Second, it keeps us from having to rely on preservatives. These chemicals can cause harm to other plants and animals when they seep into groundwater beneath landfills or end up in the ocean. This can harm the ecosystems that become exposed to them, so we do our best to only include all natural ingredients in our products.

4: We use sustainable packaging

Although our #1 goal is to provide nutrients while reducing food waste, we want to reduce all other waste along with it! That's why we utilize Forest Certified recycled paper and film to package our candy into its unique hexagon shape. According to the EPA, roughly 63 pounds of plastic packaging enters US landfills every year, per person. By using recycled products we are saying NO to single use plastic and repurposing used materials to lower our carbon footprint as much as possible.

FAVES Value Chain: Good for you, good for the Planet!

We take the climate crisis seriously, and we are doing our part to reverse some of the damages humankind has caused our planet. We would love to hear ways you see systems change being done for the good of the Earth. Shoot us a DM on our instagram @favesweets!