FAVES Feature - Christine Schwan Tackles Mt.Kilimanjaro

Here at FAVES we tackle food waste to help the environment, however, we have friends all over the world that are finding other ways to help make the world a better place. This past February, our friend Christine Schwan, climbed to the summit of Mt.Kilimanjaro (the world's tallest free-standing mountain). We were thrilled when we were able to partner with Christine to send FAVES along with her and her team to help keep them fueled on their journey.

Christine climbed Kilimanjaro as a fundraiser to raise money for communities in Tanzania. The team was composed of 13 like-minded individuals, all carefully selected for the trek due to their combined passion to bring clean water to regions that do not have access to it already.  Most of the team was selected from the organization Waterboys, started by Chris Long, which consists of military veterans and current & retired NFL players.  Ben Garland, starting center for the 49er's, had just come off the Super Bowl and with no down time, still followed through on his commitment to clean water by hiking Kilimanjaro.  Everyone on this year's team, raised enough money collectively, to build 2 clean water wells in Tanzania.  Christine was one of three individuals who were selected from a group of clean water advocates, who were invited to join the Waterboys team to climb this majestic mountain.

Schwan (bottom right) with her team and local children

The team selected for 2020 class to #conquerkili left for Tanzania 2/21/20. The trek they made is symbolic of the journey the women of Tanzania take daily to gather water for their communities. In fact, Tanzania has the highest childhood mortality rate of anywhere in the world, which is why they need clean water wells more than anybody else. The trek to the top of Kilimanjaro, also known as Uhuru Peak, stands at 19,341 feet. Roughly 35,000 people attempt to reach Uhuru Peak each year, yet only 45% typically do. The #conquerkili team reached Uhuru Peak on the morning of the 5th day of their trek, and returned to the base of the mountain at the end of day 6 of their journey. 

Schwan and her team at the peak of Mt.Kilimanjaro

Schwan was happy to share that the journey “was very physically and mentally challenging,” and yet “was one of the most life changing and transformative things I have ever done in my life.” Schwan also informed us that on their trek they were not able to bring fresh fruits of vegetables, therefore having FAVES with them provided the team with nutrient-rich whole fruit and vegetable fibers, helping them stay healthy along the way! 

The team was able to raise over $200,000, which will cover the cost to build two clean water wells for the people of Tanzania (whereas they thought they would only be able to build one!) Being able to follow along with the team and their journey brought us here at FAVES so much joy knowing we were able to help them reach their goal. We also want to help them to raise awareness for the need for clean water in similar areas that lack such a basic human need. Thank you so much, Christine, for including us in such an enormous feat which you were able to accomplish with your team! Check out the full list of the #conquerkili2020 team below! 

2020 Conquer Kili Team

Christine Schwan: (clean water advocate) @christine.schwan

Ben Garland: (starting center for the SF 49ers)  @garlandben63

Lamarr Houston: (x NFL player Bears, Oakland)  @hupernikao9s

Mike Golic Jr.: (X NFL & ESPN radio host)   @mikegolicjr

Todd Jones: (Army veteran & West Point football player)  @jonestodd59

David Rendon: (Veteran & he posted on the Faves site)  @veteranhiker

Doc Jacobs:  (Navy/Marine Corps Medic Veteran & amputee & donated 1 kidney 4 months ago)  (no IG)

Matt Cook:  (Army Veteran & screenwriter)  @mattcook_s5

Bingham Jamison: (Marine Corp veteran)  (no IG)

Kevin Blanchard:  (Marine Corp veteran)  @ & amputee)  @withkevinb

Chris Weber:  (Army veteran female)  @ncathlete

John Horack: (Ohio State Univ. professor & clean water advocate)  @johnhorack

Dave Williams:  (same as John yet is Dean of Engineering at OSU) (no IG)

Bingham Jamison: (Marine Corp veteran) @hammer_the_hoo