50 Years of Celebrating our Planet

Celebrating 50 Years on Our Planet

Every year, the world takes a single day to celebrate the planet that we all call home. Earth Day takes place on April 22, and this year marks the 50th anniversary, encouraging all of us to take action to protect our home. The theme of this year’s Earth Day is Climate Action, and although this seems like a vast topic with varying parts, there is one underlying goal… to take action to reverse the damage done to our Earth, and to do what we can as individuals to aid in the current climate crisis.

This year’s Earth Day theme comes to us at an unprecedented time. With the COVID-19 outbreak continuing to spread, we are forced to examine the various systems in place that amplify the health and climate issues. With the global health crisis underway, we are now able to see where these social systems may not serve us in the long run, and this inspires us to determine what needs to be done moving forward to best serve humankind, as well as the Earth we inhabit. While the health crisis continues, and our economy slows down, we have also been given a glimpse of hope of the potential we have to reverse some of the climate change impacts .

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals have modified their daily lives in an effort to protect each other, sheltering in place while bringing our global economy to a screeching halt, thus reducing our fossil fuel consumption. This brief pause of our normal day to day lives has caused a major decline in traveling (by plane and car), lower power requirements for businesses, and is causing factories to close. For those being directly impacted by the pandemic, there are many health issues brought to light, while the indirect impact of this pandemic has given our Earth’s atmosphere a much needed break!

NASA has reported satellite images showing air pollutant levels in China plummeting after quarantine began.
NASA has reported satellite images showing air pollutant levels in China plummeting after quarantine began.

There are also people reporting clearer skies than we have become used to. The Himalayas are even visible from parts of India, where they had not been visible for about 30 years before COVID-19.

A view of the Himalayas from India for the first time in 50 years.

This pandemic has highlighted the many ways which our global systems need change if we want to live sustainably and peacefully. This brings to light our responsibility to this planet and to each other to do that what we can by taking action now. There are many ways that we can all make changes, both big and small, that can help make our Earth a better place. Here at FAVES we are fighting food waste, which is the third biggest contributor to global warming and is a multi-trillion dollar problem in the US alone.

We are calling on you to join in on the message of Earth Day 2020 and to take climate action now! We want to hear about how YOU are helping our Earth this year. Send us a DM on instagram so we can share your #climateaction with others. Let’s work together to make this year’s Earth day the most impactful yet!